Digital Signage

digital signage

Digital signage services Philadelphia

Opposed to normal static (non-moving) signage, digital signage is a way to enliven your message and attract customer attention in many ways that static signing does not allow. With digital signage you can add:

  • Multiple and/or changing images
  • Animations
  • Video
  • Interfaces (depending on the sign's proximity to the customer)

Business Benefits Of Digital Signage

Digital signage also enables content to be updated in a timely manner to match your business’s needs at any time. It can be updated to reflect business trends, new inventory and vendor partnerships, or any seasonal specials or sales.

Another advantage to digital signage is its expandability. What starts out as a single screen inside one department can morph into a store, building or company wide system encompassing multiple sets of screens, media players and content servers. These can be collectively sending the centralized content and messaging to different locations or individualized to send content relevant to a specific portion of a building or both.

Digital Sign Networks

Digital sign networks can also be connected to the internet, referred to as an 'open network'. The advantages to this are that an open network would allow content to be updated remotely and enable it to be able to stream data (audio, video, etc.) from other internet sources, or be connected to your web site. A 'closed network' would be without internet access and would require content to be changed or updated locally by DVD, USB storage or internal computer access.

Digital Signage In Real Time

Technologies also exist to allow digital signage to be used to broadcast content in real time. This would allow any type of special event including a speech, press conference, special product presentation, etc. to be seen on multiple screens in multiple locations.

Uses of Digital Signage

All in all digital signage can be used to send out many varied types of information including:

  • Public Information
  • Internal Company Information
  • 'Menu' type information: Pricing, product options, ingredients, etc.
  • Advertising
  • Brand Building and Name Recognition Messages
  • Customer calls to action

Improving the customer experience by providing information or enhancing the environment they encounter within your business is only part of the ROI with digital signage. As you can see it can expand and enhance your company's image and message in a multitude of ways and at varying levels of cost depending upon the options chosen. The expandability of digital signage is a huge advantage will allow you to start small and expand as your business grows.