Microphone & Voice Systems

Wireless microphone and voice systems in greater Philadelphia

Communication is defined as the imparting or exchanging of information or news. Obviously, communication is an essential element for your business, church or classroom. For all the best ideas to be understood, they must be heard to reach the intended audience. Unless you are sitting directly across the table from your client, congregant or colleague, some sort of voice system will be necessary for your message to be clearly amplified and received. For all participants in a conference call to be heard and understood plainly, a voice system that will transfer your ideas clearly is absolutely essential. For a lecturer, pastor or CEO to impart his wisdom to the masses, he must be heard.

Voice System Options

All of these situations will require entirely different approaches and systems as solutions. Zeo Systems specializes in integrating systems to assure that all components work together seamlessly utilizing the most up to date, state of the art, reliable technology. We can design and install an entirely new voice system or integrate new pieces into your existing system if your needs do not dictate an entirely new system. All of these options must be able to reproduce the human voice clearly without being thin or muffled sounding. They must also have the ability to project that voice throughout the venue whether it be a church, classroom, lecture hall or board room. Among the numerous options for the various elements that make up these systems are:

  • Microphones: Wireless vs. stationary wired or attached (to the person) lavalier
  • Amplifiers
  • Speakers
  • A central control system
  • Integration with any existing (or installation of) video technology

Room Element Considerations For Voice Systems

Many elements of the environment your system will live in may affect the choices of the pieces mentioned above. Because of this, Zeo Systems will be flexible in customizing a voice system to your specific needs rather than providing a typical turnkey solution. Elements of your particular room/space that will be brought into consideration include:

  • Size and physical characteristics
  • Any odd angles or ‘hidden’ corners
  • Acoustics
  • Aesthetics (colors, construction materials used, etc.)

Zeo Systems fully trained and certified technicians will provide full training to your staff post installation of a new voice system or component. This will assure that use of system is simple and intuitive to the personnel charged with its operation. Zeo Systems stands behind their installations and will be available to your church or business should any issue arise once the installation/integration is complete. Our mission is to provide exactly the system or addition you need so you and your message can be heard.