Video & Projection System Installation

Video and projection system installation

Video installations go hand-in-hand with the audio components (hence the term AV or audiovisual installation). Each component plays an important role in bringing entertainment or information to attendees. No matter what type of video projection experience you would like to create, we can design and build it. We have experience building audiovisual installations for both entertainment and for business/education. From the small projector and video screen installation for business meeting presentations to the huge and complex movie theater screening, we have the expertise you need to create the highest-quality experience for your audience. We ensure that you audience sees (and hears) exactly what you want them to, and not what you don’t.


Video Projection for Entertainment

Projection screens and video displays for entertainment purposes run from small ancillary video screens through to movie theater screens and projectors that are the focal point of the entire presentation. We have installed entertainment video projection equipment for:

  • Movie Theaters
  • Nightclubs
  • Concert Venues
  • And More


Video Projection for Presentations

Video presentations, slide shows, and PowerPoint presentations can be a great educational aid and informational addition to any business meeting, professional society conference, or classroom. Zeo Systems has extensive experience installing video projection screens and projectors in schools, township buildings, and offices. Take your class, conference, or professional meeting to the next level with quality video projection installations. We have installed professional or educational video projection equipment for:

  • Business Conferences
  • Conference Rooms
  • Professional Conferences
  • Presentations
  • And More

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