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A complete, seamless AV presentation must include a fully integrated AV control system. What your audience sees and hears when they enter your church, nightclub, restaurant or store will influence them in many ways and affect how they receive your message. Integrating or adding new AVL components will necessitate at the very least an adjustment to your AV control system if not a full replacement of it. Actually, this need may present the perfect opportunity to update your AV control system to the most cutting edge technology. The goal is to have one solution that will put all of the control of your displays, lighting, sounds, and video literally at your fingertips. By partnering with the preeminent manufacturers in the AV industry, Zeo Systems can design and engineer the AV control system that will meet your specific needs.

AV Control Systems Options

There are now several different options to consider for these systems. Some of them include:

  • Handheld remote controlled
  • Wall Mounted
  • Touch screen mounted w/ in the system itself (alongside the other equipment or in a separate control room)
  • Custom housed (contained within a custom made table top case)
  • Wireless (controlled with your iPad, smart phone, etc.)
  • Web controlled

Depending on the option you choose for your AV control system, you will be able to control all of the technology involved from one central location, several locations throughout your venue or remotely, basically from anywhere. Change the level or the color of lighting, the sound level, the video image all from one system. It would be pretty cool to be certain that your AV system is sitting safe and secure from your tablet or smart phone, right? Today’s AV systems can be designed to give you the maximum flexibility, ease of use and energy savings from the technology involved. The investment you make in your AV control system will return itself many times over in fairly short order.

Upgrading AV Control Systems

Don't let the potential for technological advancement of your control system scare you from upgrading. Zeo Systems fully trained and knowledgeable technicians will train you and your staff on the ins and outs of the system once installed. You will be an expert in no time at all and amazed at how simple it can be.

To find out how Zeo Systems can assist with your AV Control System needs, please contact us for a free consultation. We provide AV solutions in the greater Philadelphia are, including Montgomery County and Bucks County.