Can Your Gym Benefit From a Fitness Entertainment System?

Can Your Gym Benefit From A Fitness Entertainment System?

Owning a gym certainly can be a challenge.

Not only are you constantly trying to retain your customer base, but you also are always working to bring new clients on board.

So, we at Lelch Audio | Video have a question for you: How are you differentiating your Eden Prairie, MN gym from the plethora of competitors?

If you want a way to distinguish your gym this year, we have a clear recommendation: Invest in a fitness entertainment system.

Below, we’ll explore what that entails and explain how your fitness center – and your customers – can benefit from such a system.

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With a fitness entertainment system, you can have audio and video distribution throughout your gym.

What does that entail?

Firstly, an audio and video installation expert can install a speaker system and connected TV setup throughout your fitness center.

Once the installation is complete, you will be able to access and customize your entire entertainment system from the convenience of a touchscreen panel, smartphone, or tablet application. With the press of a single button, you can choose what content to play on each television or what music you want to stream throughout your gym.

You even can customize your sound system into specific zones – so that while you play music in the common area of your gym, clients working out in private workout spaces can listen to separate streams.


If you’re wondering whether a fitness entertainment system is worth the investment, consider this:

Several studies conducted have all led to the conclusion that music directly can affect exercise motivation.

By playing upbeat music throughout your gym, you can encourage a positive customer experience. Best of all, if a client wants to listen to his or her music, all they need to do is just bring earbuds or headphones.

If you choose to separate your audio distribution system into zones, you even can have clients select their own streams to listen to in private areas within your gym, just through using an in-wall touchscreen. As the gym owner, you always can turn these streams on and off at your convenience.

With a video distribution system, you also can enhance your clients’ experience.

Not only can you show content that promotes workout activity, but you also quickly can change the channel on any TV to a customer’s preference, simply by pressing a button within your control system.

By giving customers the ability to customize their experience at your gym further, the more likely it is they will have an enjoyable experience.

The uses of audio and video distribution systems don’t just end at playing music or showing the latest news.

For example, imagine your gym hosts a spinning class.

With audio distribution, while your common-area speakers play music, the room in which you’re hosting the class can produce sound only from the microphone of the instructor and music dedicated to the course.

While the class gets a devoted listening experience, you even can use video distribution to easily showcase the instructor on a large TV so that no client is left behind.

Not only will your gym promote a positive workout atmosphere, but your customers will value your dedication, as well.