AudioVisual System Upgrade

Where To Start?

AudioVisual System UpgradeSo you’ve decided that you need an upgrade to your current system or you are having some sort of technical issue with your sound, video, or lighting system that you cannot resolve.

These issues can range from the more common ‘Rice Krispie’ sounds of snap, crackle or pop to microphone signals dropping out, unidentified hums, speakers or lights not working, etc.

Whatever the situation, your search for a solution to your audio/video issue has led you to Zeo Systems. Now what?

AudioVisual Performance – Free Consultation

Your first step will be to contact us to request a free consultation online or call us toll free at 800-837-8935. We will then send one of our fully trained and certified technicians to your location to determine exactly what is going on within your audiovisual system.

During this walk-through we will diagnose the problem and then present you with options to correct the situation. We will work within any potential structural and budgetary constraints to come up with the solution that makes the most sense in making your system whole again.

Or, should the situation warrant, we will recommend new system options that may be a better long term value than putting more money into an older system.

AV System Recommendations

Below are several variables that we consider when reviewing your current audiovisual system:

What AV System Update Do You Need?
  • Are we installing a completely new system?
  • Are we looking to replace only certain pieces of a system?
  • Are we integrating new equipment with the system currently in place?
What AV Components Need To Be Added Or Replaced?
  • Are we adding video capabilities to an already existing audio system?
  • Are we replacing (or adding) speakers, a mixing console, or power amplifiers to the current sound system?
  • Are we replacing wired microphones with wireless microphones but keeping everything else?
What Visual Elements Need To Be Considered?
  • Does the equipment need to match the decor?
  • Does it need to be hidden or at least unobtrusive to the casual eye?

These decisions alone may affect things such as the color of your installed speakers, which in turn may affect equipment brands available to accomplish the project.

Finally, is your AV System update a multi-phase project, or do all changes need to be accomplished at once?

Financing Your AV System Project

If you require financing to completed your AV system update, the choice of brands available is worth considering as certain manufacturers offer special financing deals, should their product be among the best solutions for your project.
There are lots of elements to consider even in just the beginning phase of a project. Zeo System’s experts can guide you through these, as well as the more detailed decisions that manifest themselves as a project progresses towards completion. Of course, this only scratches the surface of options and decisions to be discussed and decided during the course of a project. We will get into more specific issues in future postings.

To learn more about how Zeo Systems can help you out with your audiovisual system needs, contact us today.