Installing Hearing Loops Brings Inclusivity to Your Business

Hearing impairments can inhibit communication in all aspects of life, business meetings being no different. Have you ever given a presentation to audience members with hearing aids and worried that they might miss spoken content? Luckily, technology has the answer in hearing loops systems which are designed to act as personal sound systems for those with hearing impairments by sending sound directly to their hearing aids.


What is a Hearing Loop System?

The system is an audio induction loop which transmits sound waves through wireless magnetic signal. This signal is then received by the hear aid’s telecoil. Hearing loops offer a great level of audio quality and clarity because the signal comes directly from the source (ie. microphone, recording, ect) without any ambient room noises. Many hearing aids unfortunately mix room noises together, leading to confusion and frustration for the listener. However, the filtration found in hearing loops allows the hearing aid to individualize each sound as it happens in real time and prevents the listener from falling behind in the presentation.

Where Are Hearing Loop Systems Used?

Already common in banks, cinemas, and theaters, hearing loops can be helpful in conference rooms, event venues, schools, and stadiums. Practically speaking, hearing loops can be used any place at any time. They can be installed for private individual offices as well as large meeting spaces. For private offices, the hearing loop uses a binaural system for computers and phones. For large rooms, room loop rotation is utilized, especially for microphones, carrying signals from around the room and transmitting and filtering them to the hearing aid.

Perks of Hearing Loop System

Requires no pick up and uses a universal magnet signal, which reduces the amount of unwanted sound interference and is compatible with any pre-existing hearing aids
Easy to hide and won’t disturb others within close proximity like systems that have excess sound coming out of the headset
Personalized to your needs and increased flexibility in wear and use in transient situations, such as at teller windows and drive-thru stations
It’s a big money saver because once installed, fewer portable receiving units need to be purchased
Current hearing aids can be used with the system, so the out-of-pocket cost decreases drastically in the long run

Zeo Systems offer installation services for hearing loop systems for your business. Our hearing loop systems conform to all ADA requirements for those with hearing disabilities and can work with you to accommodate your business’ needs.