Zeo Systems Attains CTS Certification

By: Carol Emmens

Zeo Systems Acquires CTS CertificationZeo Systems, a division of the Zeo Group, is proud to announce that Phil Zeo, President, and Chris Peters, the Lead Installer and Project Manager, are now Certified Technology Specialists (CTS) and both bring technical knowledge, practical experience and creativity to all audiovisual projects.

In summary, a CTS is a trained audiovisual professional who is able to custom design an audiovisual system to meet your communication and/or entertainment needs. A CTS recommends state of the art equipment and delivers the project on time and within budget.

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AudioVisual System Upgrade

Where To Start?

AudioVisual System UpgradeSo you’ve decided that you need an upgrade to your current system or you are having some sort of technical issue with your sound, video, or lighting system that you cannot resolve.

These issues can range from the more common ‘Rice Krispie’ sounds of snap, crackle or pop to microphone signals dropping out, unidentified hums, speakers or lights not working, etc.

Whatever the situation, your search for a solution to your audio/video issue has led you to Zeo Systems. Now what?

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Zeo Systems Featured Product: JBL All Weather Speakers

Zeo Systems Featured Product:
JBL All Weather Speakers

JBL All Weather Speakers in a StadiumJBL All Weather series speakers

Today’s events often call for a combination of indoor and outdoor venues to accommodate one’s guests. This variety means that featured speaker(s) or music need to be able to be heard no matter where in the venue the guests may be. Knowing this fact widens an installer’s choices of speakers to be used when constructing an original venue, or replacing or integrating additional speakers in a current system in an existing structure.

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Introducing Chris Peters – Lead Installer And Project Manager

Chris PetersI am happy to join Zeo Systems Integration as the Lead Installer and Project manager.

My diverse background has allowed me to develop a wide variety of skills. I have many years of experience working in the entertainment industry as a sound engineer. Mixing the front of house and monitors for national touring bands is an exciting and demanding experience.

I also have additional experience in the communications field as a Multi Solution Technician. This position included installation, cabling, programming and troubleshooting of telephone, data, audio and surveillance systems.

My position as the lead installer at Zeo Systems will provide the opportunity for me to apply these skills, knowledge and experience to provide our clients with the technologies and solutions to fulfill their varied needs and challenges. Choose Zeo Systems to custom design a system that will be perfect for you.

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Welcome !!!

Welcome to the brand-spanking-new Zeo Systems website!!! This launch of the integrations division of The Zeo Group is the first step in a complete redesign of the sites for all divisions of The Zeo Group.

Please take a good look around and we, of course, always welcome your comments to assist us in our projects and presentation.

We hope that this site gives you a better insight into what Zeo Systems is about, what we do, how we do it, and more importantly, what we can do to help you bring your dream project to fruition.

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