The Benefits of Webcasting

Webcasting is already being utilized by companies and organizations to widen the impact of important events, meetings, and messages. Depending on the nature of a and industry of a business, webcasts can be used in a number of ways:

webcasting 2

Provide in-time training and product information to your customers and employees.
Use the technology to demonstrate your products and services.
Make announcements in real time, offer online meetings, and spread awareness of events to promote your products and services.


For companies that have multiple offices spread around different geographic areas, webcasting offers a means to address the entire company simultaneously from one central location in a cost effective manner. There are numerous benefits to employing this technology, including:

Larger audiences: Webcasting allows you to connect with anyone remotely, and all an audience participant needs is the internet. The greatest benefit is its ability to expand the reach of a message dramatically. For employee training, everyone can received the same training and information as everyone else. For a company launch event, the media and public will be able to see the launch in real time.
Cost effectiveness: Traditional events are expensive. In addition to the up-front costs associated with an event, there travelling, lodging, meals, and more. If all these factors are being paid for by the same company, such expenses can continue to grow astronomically. Most of those costs can now be eliminated thanks to webcasting.
Increase in revenue: Webcasting can increase employee productivity as well as help your company achieve results faster by cutting the time needed to market your products and services.
Audience connection: The audience can be as engaged with the presentation as if they were there in person. The live video streaming server can be configured to allow online audience members to submit questions and receive answers in real time. Audience participation can also be tracked, allowing for greater feedback and transparency.
Less of an environmental footprint: Because webcasting is virtual, it requires less resources to make a presentation or event happen, especially in terms of fuel needed to transport people long distances.
Output quality: Webcasting delivers good quality audio and video in broadcasts.
Better content: Webcasting truly puts the power of the internet at your fingertips and allows you to combine different presentation styles and multimedia. This flexibility lets you drive home your message more effectively than in more traditional settings.
Range of broadcasting: Webcasting can be broadcast to any location on the planet that has internet. It has no long distance impediments, such as radio, and can be accessed within seconds.

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