The Impact of Sound Systems on Learning and the Academic Experience

Hearing a message in school is critical for students and staff, regardless if it’s a school-wide announcement or directed at a specific room or individual. The ability of an administration to communicate loud and clear with all school occupants can be a matter of academic success or personal safety. While your school weighs the options of installing a brand new system or upgrading an existing sound system, it is prudent to research various systems on the market and determine which ones meet your school’s specific needs.


Paging Systems

This is arguably the most crucial piece of audio equipment in a school. They are used for a multitude of purposes: to send emergency messages, to broadcast daily announcements, and to call students or staff to the main office, just to name a few.

Usually there are one or two speakers per classroom with the rest of the system’s speakers distributed throughout bathrooms, corridors, and general public areas of the school. Traditional paging systems centered around one microphone in the main office, however, modern systems are integrated into the school’s telephone lines, allowing administrators, teachers, and other staff entry to the paging system by entering an access code into one of the telephones.

Classroom Systems

These systems are designed for the specific needs of individual rooms throughout the school building. Music rooms, for example, might require special speakers and other equipment to allow students to listen to music without a sacrifice in audio quality. Lecture halls and theaters can require a variety of speakers throughout the space in order to assure that students can clearly hear what is being said through the microphone(s).

The number of speakers in a given room with is contingent on the room’s capacity and its intended use. Effectively designed sound systems will allow students to hear teacher lectures, student presentations, films, and so forth. The purpose of these systems is to enhance the academic experience of students and to allow staff to perform their jobs more effectively.

Gym Systems

Homecomings, pep-rallies, and sports games are all staples of an American high school. These exciting, school-spirit building events can attract audiences of all sizes. A gym’s sound system is critical in making sure that everyone is engaged and entertained on the court or on the bleachers.

It is important to have a correctly designed sound system for such a large space. Various speakers must be used to blanket all corners of the gym in sound while accounting for loud audiences and untreated, aurally reflective surfaces like wooden floors, brick walls, and metal ceilings.

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