Zeo Systems Attains CTS Certification

By: Carol Emmens

Zeo Systems Acquires CTS CertificationZeo Systems, a division of the Zeo Group, is proud to announce that Phil Zeo, President, and Chris Peters, the Lead Installer and Project Manager, are now Certified Technology Specialists (CTS) and both bring technical knowledge, practical experience and creativity to all audiovisual projects.

In summary, a CTS is a trained audiovisual professional who is able to custom design an audiovisual system to meet your communication and/or entertainment needs. A CTS recommends state of the art equipment and delivers the project on time and within budget.

To obtain CTS certification, it is necessary to pass a stringent exam given by InfoComm, which is the world’s most respected and best known audiovisual organization. The certification is ANSI accredited as well. (The ANSI is the American National Standards Institute, which oversees the creation, distribution and use of thousands of norms and guidelines that directly impact businesses in nearly every sector of the world economy.)

Whether your project is a conference room, classroom, boardroom, or lecture hall, a stadium, church, or restaurant, whether it is for a public or private institution, a CTS (Certified Technology Specialist) is prepared to inspect and to evaluate the site and work with the architects, electricians, interior designers and IT managers. Based on objectives of the end user and the environment including acoustics, lighting and seating, the best equipment and its locations are recommended. A CTS is able to design a turnkey audiovisual system which not only meets the local codes but is also aesthetically pleasing.

CTS’s Responsibilities:

  • To review the scope of work with the client.
  • To organize and supervise the teams.
  • To ensure the system is installed safely.
  • To troubleshoot and solve any potential problems.
  • To confirm that the system is fully tested.
  • To instruct end users on operating system.
  • To oversee maintenance of the system.

Because technology changes so often and so quickly, to maintain a CTS certification it is necessary to complete up to date courses regularly. The courses are provided by InfoComm or approved manufacturers at trades shows, seminars and online. It is also necessary to adhere to InfoComm’s Code of Ethics and Conduct.

Why is a CTS certification important?

To conclude, it demonstrates a commitment to the clients to deliver professional level work at every stage of the project from pre-project planning to installation and training. It also demonstrates a desire to keep up to date on equipment and methods of installation to fit any audiovisual project.

Zeo Systems President Phil Zeo commented, “I am proud of our association with InfoComm. InfoComm has set the standard for professionalism in the Audio Visual industry. Having met the standard for CTS Certification is especially exciting to me because it affirms our commitment to complete customer satisfaction. While many companies can say that they meet standards, we have proved it.”