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The churches of today face many challenges. A society that places a premium on instant gratification with social media is becoming consistently unable to keep a focus of attention on one thing for an extended period of time much less long enough to sit through a sermon of two hours with only the occasional inspirational song to break things up. Use of audiovisual technology during a church service is one way to assist in holding that attention. But that is just one of several reasons that make installing audiovisual equipment or additional lighting in your church is an idea worthy of your house of worship. Others reasons for church AV installation include:


Including audiovisual elements in a service allows you to present an expanded world view to your congregants. It enables an individual church to integrate information, imagery, music and other teaching materials from around the entire world. By giving your pastor flexibility in imagery and sound he is able to cater his sermons specifically to what is important to his congregation. It also adds a variety to the service that holds the congregation's attention and allows them to not only enjoy the service more fully, but feel they have gained valuable knowledge from the experience.


Music has traditionally been an important element of religious ceremony. Hymns, choirs and the traditional organ have all found comfortable places in most church ceremonies. Today, however, the addition of full bands with guitars, drums, pianos and synthesizers have become increasingly prevalent. This change has necessitated the addition of musical instruments and PA systems to a churches inventory. Installing the necessary and correct speakers to handle these different types of inputs and sounds has become ever more important.

Enhanced Sights and Sounds

Churches in the 21st century have grown. The advent of the mega-church has increased congregation size in some cases to thousands. The days of the pastor preaching without auditory assistance, in most congregations, are over. Even he needs a bit of auditory assitance to be sure the people in the last row of pews go home with the same message as the ones up front. The installation of PA systems with speakers placed unobtrusively throughout the worship space has become gradually more and more common.

Another element of this type of installation is the microphone or voice system involved. Does your pastor stay still at the front of the room at the pulpit to keep a central focus? Or does he move around as the spirit moves him? This introduces the choice of wireless microphones vs. stationary ones. Wireless microphones offer a myriad of choices among themselves; Lavalier (small microphones that attach to a pastor’s robe or jacket), handheld microphones, even stationary microphones can be wireless for a cleaner overall look.

Let us not forget the visual side. Some churches are so large that not only is it a challenge to hear from the back, but it may be a challenge to see the pastor, play or event taking place. The installation of video screens has also become more common place in recent years to allow a more complete visual experience for those not in the front row. Included in the visual aspect of your services is the lighting within the chapel. What is it you want your member’s attention drawn to? The pastor? The cross, statuary or crucifix? The choir? All of these may need to take ‘center stage’ at one point or another during the service. The correct lighting system can accomplish this without having to physically move anyone from their spot.

Keepsakes and Broadcasting

Let’s face it, people like records of the special events. Performances that take place throughout the year, the children's Christmas pageant, a christening or baptism, wedding, or a special solo by one of the congregation all can have a special place in a congregant’s heart. By having the AV equipment installed and available to record such events, you can provide a special keepsake to your members of these times in their lives. Another occasion you may want to record a service is the presence of a guest Pastor or speaker. These special event can be recorded digitally and disseminated by many means; DVD, CD, podcast or emailable files can all be created and may be able to add to an additional revenue stream to the church’s finances if these keepsakes are offered for sale. Having video equipment installed in your church also opens up the possibility for you to broadcast your sermons and services outside of the church walls. Now, not every pastor wants to be on TV, but streaming of your service on the internet will allow those who cannot physically attend to enjoy and participate. This is called IP (internet protocol) streaming. Zeo Systems can design and install this technology or integrate it into your existing systems to provide you with this ability. It’s not as hard as you may think.

Elderly Members

Some congregation members may find it difficult to attend service because of age or illness. Some may need assistance to see and hear the ceremony or sermon. The ADA, the Americans with Disabilities Act specifies that what are called assistive listening device receivers be provided at no cost and specifies the number of receivers that must be provided depending on the number of seats (also known as the 4% rule). This law excludes houses of worship, however, what pastor does not want his words and message heard by everyone in the house? In addition, having the ability to record the ceremony or service enables those members not able to physically attend to benefit as well as remain a part of the church community.

Presentational Improvements

Whether rehearsing a play, practicing next week's sermon or learning a new choral selection, audiovisual equipment will enable you to record the practice and listen to or view it later so you can see what works and what needs improvement. Being able to actually watch yourself aids in seeing how your audience may interpret your performance.

While no AVL (audio, video or lighting) system installation or upgrade can assure more worshipers will attend your services, including entertaining presentations, appealing your service to today's worshiper, encouraging interaction and creating a comforting atmosphere for your parishioners may make them more likely to pass on the word about your congregation and their excitement will draw others in. Zeo Systems wants to partner with your church to make it all it can be and more. Contact us for a free consultation and let’s talk about it!