Hotel AV Systems

Hotel Audio Visual Installation

Hotel Audio Visual Installation - Hotel AV InstallationAnother valuable service provided by Zeo Systems is the design, installation and integration of AVL (Audio, Video, Lighting) systems for hotels, resorts and casinos. From integration of new video screens or controls systems to a newly designed complete system, Zeo Systems is your AV installation choice.

There are a number of ways AVL is utilized in the hotel industry. These can be approached as a complete system, ‘piece-meal’ additions or replacements of certain components of a current system. Just a few examples of these functions include:

Digital Signage

Flat screen displays can be used for hotel or regional information, local weather, greetings for guests, directional signage providing guidance within the establishment, local area, etc.


In the lobby, bar or workout areas, flat screen televisions will enhance the guest experience.

Sound Systems

Music played in the lobby, workout areas, bar/restaurant areas or garden/gathering areas of a hotel, casino or resort will assist in presenting the most comfortable atmosphere possible. These systems can include ceiling speakers, indoor or outdoor speakers, and/or CD/DVD/Blue Ray players. If a facility contains a performance area, whether that be in the bar or an actual venue in and of itself, that will require a PA system and an entirely different type of installation. Never fear, this install can also be completed by the Zeo technicians.


There are myriad types of lighting that are utilized in a hotel or casino environment. Overhead, total room lighting, outdoor lighting, spot lighting, ambient lighting will all have a place of use. Entrance ways, gardens, pool areas and performance areas or venues all bring about separate considerations to be addressed.

Microphone and Voice Systems

Microphone and voice systems are necessary for conference rooms, performance areas or just for internal communication. Each of these uses, of course, presents its own set of challenges. Zeo Systems CTS certified technicians can assess your needs and make recommendations on how to address these needs. Advances in wireless technology and the subsequent decrease in price points for high quality gear have made it the ‘go to’ solution for most microphone and voice system needs.

AV Furniture

Conference rooms present the opportunity for you to equip a room with the AV pieces needed, but still keep the room aesthetically pleasing. The days of the large, pull down screens or intrusive sound systems is over. Flat screen displays, voice systems, sound systems can all be built into custom cabinetry that will disguise the presence of any electronics until they are needed. Of course, if you would rather utilize a more mobile solution, the AV cart of the past has been upgraded considerably. Rooms that will host business meetings or conferences can be outfitted with all the connections needed to run professional audio visual presentations and connected to a central system elsewhere on the property.

IP Streaming and Projection Systems

The off-site business meeting and video conferencing have become central components of today’s business world. The use of IP streaming and projection systems (so you can see them and they can see you) has made this not the far off future Jetsens-like fairy tale, but an everyday occurrence. The set-up of central control systems can give your facility the capability to send or receive these types of transmissions and allow executives from your US based meeting to interface seamlessly with their corporate counterparts in Japan.

Use of Outside AV Equipment

Consistently, events arise to be booked at a hotel, casino or resort area (i.e. weddings, parties, anniversary celebrations, bar/bat mitzvahs, concerts, etc.) that may require additional audio, video or lighting equipment. Your customer may bring in an outside company to handle these necessities, but some consideration should be taken to decide if having this technology installed (or purchased and available) internally. This would open up an additional revenue stream for your location as well as expand the offerings to your potential clients. Should you choose not to purchase or install this gear, our sister division, Zeo Productions , is available to provide any and all services for any audio, video or lighting needs. These services can be provided with or without the necessary technicians to handle the running of the systems.


Zeo Systems technicians are continually trained by our manufacturers to be sure they are fully versed on the latest products and technologies. Our use of the top respected manufacturers in the AV installation and integration field such as JBL, Electro Voice, Martin, Elation, Harmon, QSC, Crown, Soundcraft, Allen&Heath, Sennheiser, Peavey, Bogen, Apogee, among others. As members of InfoComm and having our technicians CTS certified, Zeo Systems is on the forefront of technological advances as well as organizational and regulatory changes. This allows you to have confidence that once our job is complete, that you will not need constant updates or changes to any of your systems. Zeo Systems, providing audio, video and lighting solutions since 1976.