School/Municipal Sound Systems

School Sound Systems and Municipal Sound Systems

As a longstanding member of the community, we have worked closely with many local school districts, private schools, municipalities, townships, and boroughs to install and maintain their audio, visual, and lighting systems. We have partnered with schools and local governments across Southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware to create the perfect AV system for their unique needs.

Schools and townships often have a variety of distinct requirements for their audiovisual installations. These requirements vary depending on the size of the facility and its intended purpose. No matter what your specific AV system requirements are, we can find a solution. We have a huge range of speakers, microphones, and video screens for all types of installations; including wired and wireless options and waterproof options.

Additionally, our expertise doesn’t stop with the audiovisual component of your installation. We are also able to assist you in the installation of your custom lighting, drapery, and any flags you may wish to include. We can provide the complete audiovisual package for any location or presentation.

In addition to new AV system installation, we also retrofit and maintain existing AV equipment for schools and local governments. If your existing audiovisual system no longer meets your needs, contact us today for an AV consultation.


Audio Systems for Schools

Schools and school districts often have a variety of audiovisual system requirements. These will depend on the size of the school and the type and extent of events that they host. Some schools require only simple public address (PA) systems while others require high-quality theater audio systems with lighting and video screens. No matter what your school’s audiovisual installation needs are, we can meet them. Schedule a consultation with us today for your school’s AV system.

We install, maintain, and retrofit:

  • Classroom AV Systems
  • School PA Systems
  • Performance Quality Theater Audiovisual Systems
  • Temporary Outdoor PA Systems for Events (such as graduations)
  • Indoor Audio Installations
  • Wired or Wireless Audio Systems
  • Video Screens
  • Custom Drapes, Curtains, and Flags


Audio Systems for Townships, Municipalities, and Boroughs

Local governments have a wide range of requirements for their audiovisual systems. One of the most common installations for municipal sound systems is a simple and flexible PA audio system for town meetings, public comment sessions, and other governmental functions. Our teams can fully integrate these types of PA systems into your town hall, township building, or other public facility. We also offer temporary and permanent outdoor installations, which are perfect for parks and public events. No matter what your specific audiovisual requirements are, we can meet them in a flexible and cost-effective fashion. Schedule a consultation with us today for your governments AV system.  

We install maintain, and retrofit:

  • PA Systems for Outdoor Events
  • PA Systems for Indoor Events
  • Wired or Wireless Audio Systems
  • Audiovisual Installations for Town Meetings

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