AV Retro/Integration

AV retrofitting and integration

Do you have a preexisting audiovisual (AV) system that you are outgrowing or do you have a need to expand your AV capabilities. Perhaps you need additional lighting, speakers, screens, projectors, or even just a higher quality microphone. Whether or not Zeo Systems installed your existing AV system, we are here to assist you in updating or renovate your equipment to better fit your current needs.

Zeo Systems will consult with you to make sure your system matches your current requirements. With experience performing AV system renovation for schools, businesses, houses of worship, and much more, Zeo Systems has the AV experience you need to build the highest quality AV system. We will work with you to make sure your that both your technical and your financial needs are met by our systems. Check out our featured projects to see some of the ways we have met the needs of our customers in the past.

Contact us regarding any possible additions or upgrades to your current system.