Flat Rate

Zeo Systems offers several flat rate service packages for both new and existing customers. If your audiovisual (AV) system needs maintenance, troubleshooting, or repair, these packages are designed to help you manage costs and get the service appropriate to your needs. Our primary flat rate plans for AV maintenance are:

  • The Zeo Systems Maintenance Plan is a three tiered plan that is measured by hours worked by our technicians. You can choose from packages of 20, 30, or 40 hours of potential work. These hours will then cover any and all maintenance issues for your new or integrated system. These plans are a great way to be prepared for any problems down the road. For more information, please go to the Contact Us page

  • The Zeo Systems Trouble Shooting Agreement is an hourly fee based service for diagnostic services only. For more detail about our troubleshooting services, view our support page. Read our standard Zeo Troubleshooting Agreement.