AV Furniture

AV audio visual furniture and consoles

AV audiovisual furniture and consoles AV furniture is really self explanatory. It is furniture that houses in one way or another audio/visual equipment. It resembles 'regular' furniture in appearance only. A good installation of AV furniture will allow the protection as well as the 'camouflage' of the actual equipment contained within. It will add to the sleek, efficient impression of professionalism for the company making the presentation. It will allow a meeting to run smoothly, allowing the desired images to appear when needed and not take the focus off the meeting subject when not being used. In short, the installation of AV furniture will enhance your company’s appearance on many levels... when done correctly. There are different kinds of AV furniture most notably permanent and mobile.

Permanent AV Furniture

AV fixtures, 'closets', custom hardware, housings or mountings can all be custom built for plasma or LCD screens, computers and monitors, or projectors allowing all to be integrated into any space available.

Mobile AV Furniture

Mobile AV furniture may conjure up the image of the old ‘AV cart’ from middle school. They are quite different in our world. Why use carts as opposed to permanent fixtures? Several reasons:

  • Obtain maximum use from each piece of equipment: Carts will allow one piece of AV equipment to serve multiple locations. Thereby saving equipment costs in the long run.
  • Keeping rooms clutter free. Depending on the size of the rooms in which you wish to store and use AV equipment, a permanent structure, while basically unobtrusive built into a wall or ceiling, may not utilize square footage in the most efficient manner.
  • Freedom from mounting. A good portion of new structures utilize metal wall studs that require heavier mounting hardware which may not match the décor or streamlined image you wish to present.
  • Any AV equipment that can be permanently installed, can be built into a mobile AV solution.

The Podium: Center Piece of the AV Furniture World

You want to call attention to the speaker. A string podium or lectern focuses the room's attention on a center point for the speaker to present his message from as well as giving you, on its front side, a status position for your company's logo; otherwise known as a branding opportunity. Today's podiums can contain any number of options that can assist the speaker in his presentation. Potential additions to a podium could include:

  • Built in microphone
  • Built in control panel (touch panel or button)
  • Well for laptop including internal connections or wireless ability
  • Adjustable height ability
  • Lighting

In conclusion, for most people, AV furniture is often an afterthought when planning a conference room or office space. Zeo Systems can assist you in assimilating this essential equipment into your office from the beginning of your planning stages. We can design AV furniture systems such that they and the AV equipment they house function together as a complete system as opposed to a hodge-podge group of separate components.

The importance of the AV furniture is huge. Allowing Zeo Systems to design from scratch a complete system will assure that down the road there are no issues with components cooling, wired or wireless connections, mounting of components or any of your speakers messages or presentations being misunderstood.

To learn more about how Zeo Systems can assist with your AV furniture needs, request a free consultation or call us 1-800-837-8935. We service the greater Philadelphia area, including Montgomery, Bucks, and Delaware counties.