Flat-Panel Screen Displays

Flat panel screen displays

Flat panel displays pervade just about every environment we find ourselves in today. These displays can serve as flat screen TV’s, digital signage inside and out, and on every desk for your computer. In general, the technology of these flat panel displays will be used in one of two general ways:

  1. Static: A stationary image similar to a billboard
  2. Volatile: A shifting or changing image/message. Included in this category is a flat panel display that may be used as a television, video or computer display.

Both of these options have situations where they will be the appropriate solution. Stationary usage will be appropriate, by definition for a non-changing digital image. This could be a logo or slogan sign placed on a building or upright sign on the street. Volatile image use is more common for flat panel displays. Again, we see them every day used as televisions, video or computer screens. However, when used as digital signage the options multiply.

Advantages Of Flat Panel Displays

Flat panel displays provide:

  • Brighter contrasts
  • Lighter weight
  • Thinner
  • Easier ability to be mounted on walls, columns, stands, etc.

Flat Panel Display Integration

Zeo Systems can integrate flat panel displays into your environment that will compliment your current systems or design an entirely new system set that incorporates both static & volatile imagery. Use of multiple or shifting messages and use of video can all be worked into your system to present a direct and effective message. Our technicians will train your staff to make full use of the capabilities of your new flat panel enhanced system by utilizing a fully integrated audio visual control system.

To find out how Zeo Systems can assist with your flat panel display needs, please contact us for a free consultation. We provide AV solutions in the greater Philadelphia area, including Montgomery County and Bucks County.