IP Streaming

IP streaming services

IP streaming services

IP (internet protocol) streaming refers to the live broadcasting of an event from your location via the world wide web. This event could be a church service, business meeting, or artistic performance and is hosted by your web site for others to view in real time. These events can also be archived for future viewings.

As the AV industry continues to innovate, streaming is becoming the next logical and significant step.

IP streaming can enhance AV system capabilities by:

  1. Extending visual communication beyond a room or building to any destination globally
  2. Increasing scalability of AV distribution systems
  3. Simplifying cable infrastructure management
  4. Recording, documenting, and analyzing audio, video, and graphic data produced by a variety of AV sources

Each one of these opportunities can increase operating efficiency within an organization by allowing access to streamed information in real time or as a video library for future use in trainings, product introductions, trade shows, etc. There are many uses for IP streaming technology beyond the obvious business applications including:

Educational Institutions

  • Expand your classroom beyond the classroom walls; across town or around the world.

Religious Ceremonies

  • Broadcast a wedding, bar mitzvah, or christening celebration to relatives who couldn’t physically be there.
  • Broadcast or archive sermons to additional parishioners in a different locale or to be used at a future time.

Entertainment Applications

  • Broadcast an artistic performance around the world to anyone who wants to log in or archive it for future viewing.
  • Send an awards show or banquet out to all members of an organization, not just those who can attend in a certain city.

The ability to send information in real time anywhere in the world is an amazing and incredibly useful ability, as you can see, for many reasons. Contact Zeo Systems for a free consultation on how you can best utilize this technology.