Audio-Visual Needs for Houses of Worship

What does a house of worship need in order to maintain its relevance and secure its future? One major answer lies in the presentation of services and how they connect to the congregation. It used to be that new technology was seen as inappropriate for houses of worship, however, the outside world is increasingly throwing that philosophy to the curb. People have become accustomed to high-quality audio and visual presentations in most facets of their lives – at home with their entertainment systems, at work with projects and presentations, even at the grocery store self-checkout screen. So why should their religious experience be any different? In demand are churches and other houses of worship in which the choir can be clearly heard, the sound is mixed at a professional level, and the lighting evokes the right atmosphere for the service.


Arguably the most important piece of equipment in the house of worship, a quality audio system is critical to ensure that every word and note is heard from speakers, singers, and musicians. Zeo Systems has extensive options and designs to make the sound perfect even in large and spacious or small and cozy halls.


It is nearly a requirement to install large screens with live video capabilities for very large houses of worship. Congregations want to be able to see and connect with the speaker and witness, as well as hear, the emotions in his or her voice. Zeo Systems’ video experts take into consideration the needs of the building and the congregation and can install screens in accord with existing or future audio and lighting designs.


Proper lighting can evoke atmosphere in the building and also bring out emotion in the congregation. Lighting can be installed pre-programmed in a way that highlights predefined areas like pulpits and sitting areas. Lighting can also automatically adjust for other ceremonies like weddings and funerals. One of our main goals in a house of worship is to make all audio-visual equipment practically invisible, and our technicians pride themselves on performing this step of the installation process.

Zeo Systems is available to do house of worship audio-visual installations throughout the Northeast, focusing on the region of Greater Philadelphia. To speak with a technician, please call (215) 956-0328.