Gremlins Are Waiting To Strike – Is Your AV System At Risk? Part 2

by: Carol Emmens

AV System Service and Solutions
Last week we addressed some possible places gremlins could cause problems within your audio, video or lighting systems.

This week, we will feature a few more potential places gremlins can show up and how they can be addressed and conquered to ensure the successful marriage of AV/IT systems. Zeo Systems is your solution.

Ways to Combat AV System Gremlins & Places They Can Appear:

1 – Wireless Issues

Admittedly, cable management is sometimes a nightmare and Wi-Fi is readily available. We want our audiovisual system to be wireless, and there are all types of audiovisual equipment which are wireless or that offer a wireless option in addition to cable inputs and outputs: So why aren’t all AV/IT systems wireless? The answer is simple – wireless equipment is the easiest for the gremlins to attack; thus, it doesn’t always work as desired. Wireless audiovisual systems require the communication and cooperation of the IT department or vendor. It is important to know that digital devices which are brought into meetings sometimes emit strong RF (radio frequency) noise and distort the audio when wireless microphones or PA systems are in use. Zeo Systems can help you be prepared for any and all of these potentialities.

Wireless projectors connected to a network are often a boon; however, there are times when they do not work. This could be due to one of several possible gremlins:

  • The computer is not connected to the network.
  • A router or DNS server is down.
  • A firewall is blocking the connection.

There are sometimes additional complications for wireless systems caused by network issues, which unleash more gremlins.

  • Are the lectures and presentations are on a computer in the room or on a network?
  • Is it possible to connect to the network with your own devises?
  • If they are on the same network, are the ports needed open on the network?
  • Is there enough bandwidth to handle the presentation?
2 – Control System Problems

A complete, seamless AV presentation must include a fully integrated AV control system. What your audience sees and hears when they enter your church, nightclub, restaurant or store will influence them in many ways and affect how they receive your message. Anytime several systems come together, the potential for gremlins increases dramatically. All the separate systems have to talk to each other in a ‘language’ they all understand. Gremlins often get in the way of the translations. Zeo Systems extensively trained and CTS certified technicians are master translators and will have your systems communicating in no time.

3 – Lack of Planning

The success of the gremlins is typically caused by lack of correctly identifying the objectives of the AV system, planning and/or coordination. For the gremlins of audiovisual to be defeated, it is important to use an experienced audiovisual designer: Zeo Systems is your solution. For new construction or renovation, it is necessary that the architects, interior designers, and trades so they work with, not at odds to one another. This takes coordination. Most times when problems arise, it is not purposeful. Too often, an interior designer or lighting vendor selects a chandelier which will hang exactly where the projector needs to be installed. An architect selects all hard materials such as glass and marble and the sound bounces around the room. The electrician is not told to install electric outlets in the ceiling or on the wall for the flat screen TV. All these problems are avoidable. Without planning, you could be the gremlin of your AV system.

Obviously, gremlins can appear in a myriad of ways. Contact us for a free consultation and let Zeo Systems assist you in determining the solutions to any problems that may arise with your AV system.

BONUS: The Role Of AV In Our Everyday Lives

Check out the video below from InfoComm that illustrates the ever increasing role and need for AV in our everyday lives.

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